About Us

Since 1930 Camadan Grup has invested in several industries such as construction materials wholesaling, real estate, and linseed oil production. Today it maintains investment policies focusing on the sectors of construction, tourism, petroleum, and oil production and refinery. As corporate governance, it aims for sustainable growth, creating value for its customers, reducing the environmental impacts with its intelligent green production and management systems.

Camadan Grup continues its customer focus corporate philosophy with 85-year-experience, the collaboration of its hundreds of employees, colleagues, and partners.



  • Camadan Koll. Şti.


    Camadan Koll. Şti.
    Ironmongery stuffs and construction material wholesaling was established in Samsun.

  • Camadan A.Ş.


    Camadan A.Ş.
    Construction materials retailing and wholesaling had begun.

  • Garanti Bezir A.Ş.


    Garanti Bezir A.Ş.
    Camadan Family became partner with 75% to Garanti Bezir A.Ş. which is the first linseed oil production company in Turkey.

  • Yafeya Otel


    Yafeya Turizm İşletmecilik A.Ş.
    Yafeya Hotel opened in Samsun.

  • Camyağ A.Ş.


    Camyağ A.Ş.
    Camyağ A.Ş. was established in Istanbul to refine oils for technical and industrial purposes to be used in dyeing and chemical industries.

  • Garanti Bezir A.Ş.


    Garanti Bezir A.Ş.
    Remaining shares in Garanti Bezir A.Ş were bought.

  • Campor A.Ş.


    Campor A.Ş.
    Isolation materials and EPS products manufacturing company Campor A.Ş. was established in Samsun.

  • Petline A.Ş.


    Petline A.Ş.
    Petline Petroleum Products Inc. was established in Istanbul.

  • Campaş A.Ş.


    Campaş A.Ş.
    Campaş A.Ş. was established for constructing and operating gas stations and logistic terminals.

  • Campaş A.Ş.


    Campaş A.Ş.
    Campaş A.Ş. constructed petroleum products supply and logistics terminal with capacity of 26,600-m³ on 50,000-m² area in Samsun.

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